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  • Promoting housing careers beyond the sector’s ‘echo chamber’
    As CIH Careers Week begins, Adam Clark says we all have a role to play in making a career in housing appealing
  • Employers can look through hundreds of CVs each week; how do you make sure yours hits the sweet spot and stands out from the crowd? Holly Campbell of Retinue Housing explores...
  • ​Inside Housing’s diversity survey found a very low representation of disabled people in senior housing leadership. Out of 523 executives, only seven were identified to us as disabled. On the board, representation is slightly higher - 60 out of 1,061 board members.
  • The average age of a board member is 57, reveals Inside Housing’s survey of diversity in housing leadership. Meanwhile, just 21 board members are under 40. Only four are under 30.
  • Inside Housing spoke to 100 of the largest housing associations to look at just how diverse the sector’s leadership is. Probably one of the most startling findings is on representation of black and minority ethnic (BME) people in housing’s top jobs.
  • How diverse is housing’s leadership? To find out, Inside Housing sent a detailed survey to the 180 biggest housing associations in the UK.
  • Now in its second year, Inside Housing and Dolphin Index’s survey of housing association innovation finds a sector that is learning how to embrace change
  • Bright and talented young people are vital to the long-term success and sustainability of Aster Group. This is why we are so committed to apprentice training within our business. As a forward-thinking and innovative business, our vision is for everyone to have a home but it’s not something we are...
  • Last year, we discovered that 25% of chief executives of the largest 180 housing associations are women (Inside Housing salary survey, 11 September 2015). The results of our leadership survey seem to show that by expanding the net to include other executive-level posts, the representation of wome...
  • Inside Housing’s Innovation Index highlighted 61 social landlords with more innovative cultures than the UK cross-sector average. Places for People was up there among the very in the list, compiled by our research partners at Dolphin Index.

  • What does an incubator for innovation look like? Look no further than Richmond Housing Partnership (RHP) Group.