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One to Watch – Matthew Beetar, equality, diversity and inclusion specialist at Accent Group

Written by: Inside Housing
Published on: 12 Jan 2024

Tell us about your job.

I work with different directors and teams to make sure that our housing association is in the best position to support our diverse customers.

This means a range of activities: writing and editing policies for regulation; giving input into people management strategy; developing training about social issues; meeting with customers to talk about the specific problems they face; and making sure everyone who works for Accent feels included.

How did you first come to work in housing?

I’ve always been interested in social change, justice and inclusion. For many years, I worked in the education sector, researching and teaching about injustice and prejudice. I completed my doctorate working with LGBTQ refugees and migrants.

Before this, the UK social housing system wasn’t something I knew much about, as I had grown up in South Africa. After a decade living and working in England, I became more familiar with the sector and its challenges.

When I lost my father unexpectedly to COVID-19, I had to help my mum navigate what her new life would look like, including where she would live and what support she could get.

This really spurred me to make the change from the corporate sector. There’s so much incredible work being done by amazing and socially conscious people in the social housing sector, and I wanted to be a part of that.

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