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One to Watch – Rosalyn Springer, partnership manager (social value) at MTVH

Written by: Inside Housing
Published on: 13 Nov 2023

Tell us about your job.

I’ve just started at Metropolitan Thames Valley, but previously I was resident involvement programme manager at Notting Hill Genesis (NHG). I was based on the Aylesbury Estate; it was a regeneration project where resident involvement is very community development informed.

I delivered activities that support the social and economic well-being of our residents, such as sewing classes and advice sessions. I also worked with development managers, consultants and architects to deliver resident and stakeholder consultations, to ensure the community had an opportunity to influence what is built.


How did you first come to work in housing?

A lot of people say they fell into working in housing. I didn’t. I grew up in social housing. We were never consulted on anything related to our community or our homes; even getting renovations on government-sponsored programmes available to those living on estates just next door was a struggle.

I didn’t know it at the time, but my mum felt invisible and no doubt the fractious relationship took its toll. I felt compelled to enter the sector and see what part I could play to deliver housing services that helped.

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