OX Place


We Are OX Place

We’re building more than 2,000 new homes for sale through shared ownership and for outright sale in Oxford over the next 10 years. These will include more than 1,100 homes owned by Oxford City Council to make renting in Oxford genuinely affordable.

Homes for living. Homes for life. #myOXplace.

New Homes In Oxford

OX Place doesn’t just build houses. We build homes for life. Homes that you and your family live in and can feel proud of. You can view all of our developments in Oxford by clicking here. If you are looking for a new home, register your interest with us today.

We have reinvested £4million into Oxford City Council so far.

OX Place Job Roles

Since we rebranded OX Place in 2022, we’ve taken huge strides forward in our mission to provide more affordable homes for the people of Oxford. View what job roles we are currently recruiting for below.

You’ll be working alongside a group of committed and enthusiastic people to provide quality housing in Oxford that’s affordable to rent and buy for the real people of Oxford.

Awarded Best Development Team 2023 By Inside Housing.

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