Centennial Property Limited T/a The Housing Network

Contact: Mr Marc Goodkind

256 Capability Green
United Kingdom

Tel: 01582320645

Email: marc@thehousingnetwork.co.uk

About Centennial Property Limited T/a The Housing Network


We believe that when vulnerable people have a good home and a helping hand, they become more independent and rely less on local authorities. That’s our focus.

We partner with local authorities and other organisations and provide good quality, safe places for people to live. We understand that each situation and resident is different, so we work hard to provide the right homes quickly that ensure each individual is looked after well. And whether you need temporary, supported shared, or more specialist accommodation, all of our properties meet the same quality standards, are well looked after and have a 24/7 maintenance service that fixes problems day or night.

Equally as important is how we help our residents with everyday basics – things we take for granted that make a difference – such as providing bedding and laundry, pointing individuals to the right support service or charity, or giving reminders about an upcoming appointment. This practical support is provided by an experienced team who visit residents regularly. It also means we’re quick to spot and settle any tensions within homes, so they don’t become a problem for you.

We are a specialist housing expert and soon to be registered housing provider. We’ve been operating since 2014 but our experience is far greater. We know that being proactive, doing things well and offering more works. 

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